Some Internal Sales Estimates for PUBG Were Originally "200,000 [or] 300,000 the First Year"

Luckily for Greene they were mistaken.

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In a recent Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene profile the developer revealed that it's a bit of a burden that everything he says becomes news. But how can it not when he drops bombshells like the fact that some internal members of his team projected the first year's sales for PUBG somewhere between 200,000 to 300,000? A figure that seems laughable now.

"A lot of the [internal team], they really couldn't believe it," Greene told Polygon. "There was a few veterans of the game industry that were [saying], like, 'No, no. 200,000 [or] 300,000 the first year.' But then when we hit that first million, there were a lot of smiles around the office."

playerUnknown's battlegrounds

At last count earlier this month, 10 million copies of the game have been sold and that number will probably only continue to grow. Especially as the game also recently achieved 1 million concurrent users, beating out Steam mainstays like Dota 2 and Count-Strike: Global Offensive.

Greene said he always believed his game would sell well, estimating a million copies in the first month. PUBG reached it in 16 days. As the year went on outlets would report the next big PUBG sales milestone. Four million in June, eight million in August, and of course 10 million less than half a year after the game's late March Early Access launch.

"You know, I had faith in my own game mode... but [10] million copies and number one on Steam in just under five months I think we're at now? It's just crazy to me."

Winner winner

It's crazy to me too, but it's certainly well-deserved. PUBG captured gamer's excitements wholesale this year, something Greene says in the profile is attributed to the game's abilityt o capture people's imaginations. Even if PUBG doesn't win all of the game of the year awards, it's certainly 2017's most important game for the kind of clout it achieved and maintained.

Other notes from the very good profile of Greene also clears up the game's future modding goals, including letting players create "the next PUBG" through it.

PUBG is set to leave Early Access sometime in Q4 2017.

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