Someone's Defeated Sekiro's Final Boss Without a Weapon

Someone's Defeated Sekiro's Final Boss Without a Weapon

Start your new year off right.

Want to feel inadequate in less than three minutes? We've got just the thing for you. A Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice player has managed to beat the game's final boss using Prosthetic items only.

The stunning clip comes from Reddit user "tricky_toy" on the Sekiro subreddit, seen just below. The player forgoes the Shinobi's sword (the only main weapon in the entire game), and instead opts for the Prosthetics, tools that can be found and equipped to the player's left arm for use.

The first phase of the boss fight with the notoriously difficult Isshin, the Sword Saint is done entirely with the Sabimaru. This is the tricky poison sword Prosthetic weapon that can chip away at the health and stamina bar of an enemy, which is exactly what it's used for here.

Then, the Loaded Spear is used for the second phase of Isshin. Of course this all wouldn't be possible without perfect precision parrying from the player, who makes the entire fight look pretty effortless in two minutes and 45 seconds.

No damage runs of Isshin, the Sword Saint are nothing new, but Prosthetic-only playthroughs are on another level. He's undoubtedly the most difficult boss of the entire game, even more so when you consider there's a separate boss fight with Genichiro Ashina that takes place immediately before this.

Players who love a challenge are always pushing themselves to new heights with their games of choice. Check out our feature on Resident Evil runner CarcinogenSDA for another player who blasts their way through boss fights with unusual methods.

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