Sonic Mania Fixes That Annoying Home Button Problem on the Nintendo Switch

Sonic Mania Fixes That Annoying Home Button Problem on the Nintendo Switch

The home button lag should be gone now.

Sega pushed a patch today for Sonic Mania that resolves an issue the game has been having with the snapshot and home button, along with other control changes.

The big change as part of the patch is a fix for the home button issue on the Switch version of Sonic Mania. Originally, there was a noticeable delay between tapping the home button while Sonic Mania was running before it actually took players back to the Switch home screen. This problem was enough that this writer even started worrying if there was a problem with his Switch.

The new patch should smooth out the home button issue, which is good news as players have reacted positively to the news.

Another new feature from the patch is the addition of a dedicated button to transform into Super Sonic. Originally, after collecting the seven chaos emeralds from minigames hidden in each level, players could transform into an invincible Super Sonic form by collecting 50 coins and double-tapping the jump button. Now players can manually become Super Sonic after collecting 50 coins by pressing the Y button (on the Switch).

Some players didn't like automatically entering the Super Sonic state after hitting 50 coins since it prevented players from using the drop dash. Now, you can choose when you want to actually play as Super Sonic even after collecting 50 coins without worrying about accidentally hitting the jump button twice.

You can check out our review of Sonic Mania here, or check out our complete guide to beat all the bosses and collect every secret.

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