Sonic Mania Went Too Fast, PC Version Delayed

PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions are arriving as planned though.

News by Caty McCarthy, .

On Tuesday, August 15, the highly anticipated Sonic Mania will release across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, its final landing spot on PC got lost somewhere on Pumpkin Hill.

"In Sonic Mania, quality and attention to detail are some of the most important things for our team," wrote Aaron Webber from the Sonic Team in a statement over Twitter. "We accept nothing but the best for Sonic Mania, and that's why we want to spend a little more time to polish the PC version of the game's release, which we plan to complete by August 29th."

Sonic Mania as a whole isn't getting delayed by just a couple of weeks, only its PC port is. For PC fans who preordered the game, they won't go empty handed when August 15 arrives and all their console pals are rolling around at the speed of sound. On August 15, all pre-orders on Steam will be unlocked with a copy of Sonic 1 for free. If players already have a copy of Sonic 1, then the copy they receive will be a giftable one so they can trade with or send it to a friend.

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  • Avatar for InexactQuotient #1 InexactQuotient 9 months ago
    Hold on, I was under the impression that you've gotta go fast!

    Seriously though, if it needs more time in the oven I'm glad they're doing it.
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  • Avatar for Vonlenska #2 Vonlenska 9 months ago
    That's fine. Videogames need to slow down in 2017. The number of titles catching my eye and/or bank account this year has been crazy.
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