Sonic the Hedgehog Monopoly Livens Up a Boring Game With High-Stakes Boss Fights

Sonic the Hedgehog Monopoly Livens Up a Boring Game With High-Stakes Boss Fights

Just behave yourself, because this brave new society won't hesitate to jail a hedgehog.

Real talk: Does anyone like playing a Monopoly game to its conclusion? Growing up, someone would inevitably flip the board once the excitement of buying up properties was done with, and we'd all move on to a game of Operation or Teacher's Quiz. Maybe Hasbro understands its best-known game is actually a snorefest, because the new "Monopoly Gamer Sonic the Hedgehog" jazzes things up with new features like boss fights that potentially kill everyone.

Earlier this week, the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account posted footage of Sonic staff and voice actors (including Emi Jones, the voice of Tails) trying out Monopoly Sonic for themselves. The short demo shows the players buying up Sonic-themed property like Green Hill Zone and Chemical Plant Zone. You can also collect and lose rings instead of money—sorry, no grabbing an extra $500 when the banker gets up to use the can—and use Sonic figurines in place of the traditional thimble, car, and whatever other figurines Monopoly's used since the game debuted in the Stone Age. Intriguingly, even though the new game board looks sleek and flashy, the old-fashioned "In Jail" square is still in its same corner. I like to think the Chance card that lands you in the pokey says something like, "Drew too much weird SonElise fanart, go to prison."

Sonic Monopoly also throws players into boss battles, but a loss means a total party wipe. That's one way to mercy-kill an overextended Monopoly session. Best of all, it doesn't involve the same amount of clean-up that flipping a board requires.

You can buy Monopoly Gamer Sonic the Hedgehog at Walmart for $19.99 USD. If going fast isn't your thing, there are also Fortnite and Super Mario editions of Monopoly Gamer. You can also opt to keep your video game characters trapped inside the TV, where they belong. In Sonic's case, we have some great guides for the excellent Sonic Mania.

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