Sonic's Movie Redesign Still Holds Up in This New Wiz Khalifa Music Video

Sonic's Movie Redesign Still Holds Up in This New Wiz Khalifa Music Video

It's no "City Escape," but it's alright.

Yes, the first musical impression the Sonic the Hedgehog movie made was almost as baffling as Sonic's weird design (why "Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio?), but in the back of our minds we all knew this had to be coming: a new tie-in song that'll probably play over the movie's credits. The track is out now, and the music video shows off a little bit more of the movie's much improved Sonic design in-action.

"Speed Me Up," by Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign, Lil Yachty and Sueco the Child, is pretty par for the course as far as cheesy blockbuster theme tunes go. It's got some Sega Genesis-esque snares, a driving bassline, and (at least in the video) a liberal sprinkling of the classic Sonic ring sound effect.

As for the video itself, Sonic's new design continues to hold up far better in motion than the design that freaked out the entire internet last April. The more we see of the Sonic movie now, the more disappointing it is that the Vancouver, Canada VFX studio that crunched on the redesign got shuttered in December.

It's also kinda fun watching the video switch back and forth between clips from the movie and 16-bit pixel renditions of the same scenes, almost like the video's director was inspired by the most recent Mario & Sonic at the Olympics game. There's even a sequence where Sonic, Khalifa, and Lil Yachty run through a version of the faux-3D bonus stage from Sonic 2, which is a deeper cut than expected.

If "Speed Me Up" isn't your thing, or if you're just holding out hope for a scene set to "City Escape" in the film, there's only a few more weeks before you find out what else Sonic the Hedgehog has to offer. The movie premieres on February 14, 2020.

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