Sony is Letting People Try Out the PlayStation VR at Home [Update]

Sony is Letting People Try Out the PlayStation VR at Home [Update]

A new promotion from Sony wants more people to test out a PSVR.

Update: Registration for the trial is now closed according to the promotion website.

If you're on the fence this holiday season about whether or not to pick up a PlayStation VR headset, Sony has a new promotion to help you decide. Sony is rolling out a new program that lets customers try a complete PSVR set in their homes for a limited time for free. If you don't enjoy your time in VR, you can send it back.

The promotion is available to PlayStation Plus members only so far, with a select few of them receiving emails detailing the program. Basically, if chosen, you can opt into a PSVR "trial bundle," that includes a PSVR headset, PlayStation Camera, PlayStation Move controllers, Skyrim VR, and a PS VR Demo Disc 2.0. You can then try out the whole set for 14 days to decide whether you like it or not.

If you decide you really like the PSVR, you can keep it and Sony will charge you $299.99 for the whole bundle (a discount from the bundle's regular retail price of $449.99). You'll need to give Sony your credit card number when you sign up for the trial anyways, so you'll get automatically charged the discounted price if you do end up keeping the bundle.

Be sure to send back the bundle on time if you don't decide to keep it as Sony says it will automatically assume you've decided to keep the bundle if it isn't sent back within 10 days of the trial end date. If you miss the deadline, Sony will end up charging you for the bundle even if you didn't intend on keeping it.

You can read the full terms and conditions for the trial at the link. Select members appear to have already been chosen and the promotion is only available between December 1-14 and limited to 1,400 applicants.

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