Sony Locks Up All the Indies: Axiom Verge, Chasm, and More Coming to PS4

Sony Locks Up All the Indies: Axiom Verge, Chasm, and More Coming to PS4

Sony's indie link gets stronger with a host of new games coming to PS4, PS3, and Vita.

Since the rise of Steam, console platform holders have been doing a better job of helping independent developers publish on their platforms. Nintendo has a strong indie program in partnership with Unity, Microsoft has the ID@Xbox program, and Sony has been doing absolutely amazing job of bringing indies to the PlayStation platform as a whole. With Sony's help, these smaller developers are bringing their games to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita, in many cases with cross-buy support: Buy one version, get the same game on the other platforms.

Today, Sony Computer Entertainment announced a number of new titles coming to the entire PlayStation lineup. Many of the titles you've probably seen before on PC, but they're new for consoles and that's good enough for Sony. You'll find links to PlayStation blog posts explaining each game in the title headers.

Axiom Verge | PS4, Vita

Axiom Verge is bringing the Metroidvania action to PS4 and Vita in early 2015.

Escape Goat 2 | PS4

There's no release date for Escape Goat 2 on PlayStation 4.

Skulls of the Shogun | PS4

Skulls of the Shogun is "coming soon" to PlayStation 4. That's like a release tease.

Apotheon | PS4

Like Escape Goat 2, Apotheon has no release date yet.

Ironclad Tactics | PS4

We've already reviewed Ironclad Tactics, the American Civil War-themed card-based tactics game. Yeah, no release date. That's starting to be a reoccurring pattern here.

Nidhogg | PS4

Hah hah! No release date here either!

Jamestown | PS4

Finally, we have a semi-release date! Release window. Jamestown is coming to PS4 this Summer.

Spelunky | PS4

Already bought Spelunky on PlayStation 3 and Vita? Well, it's cross-buy active, so you'll get the PS4 version when it releases in... Nope, no release date.

Chariot | PS4

Wait, now we're back in release date heaven! Chariot is coming to PS4 this Fall.

Chasm | PS4

One of my top games to look out for this year is not coming to PS4! Chasm is bringing it's Metroidvania action to the system "later this year."

Drifter | PS4, Vita

No release date. I'm seriously going mad as I get farther down this list.

Source | PS4

Man, I don't even know how this game is a Metroidvania, but it looks cool. The game is still in the middle of its Kickstarter drive, which lists estimated delivery as August 2015. You don't give me a release date, Fenix Fire, I'll go find one.

Starwhal: Just The Tip | PS4, PS3

I give up, folks. No release date. You'll play Starwhal on PS3 and PS4 someday, possibly far in the future as we boot up the PS7 in our brains.

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