Sony San Diego Hit With Layoffs, MLB: The Show Team Safe

Sony San Diego Hit With Layoffs, MLB: The Show Team Safe

Around 50 employees have been let go from Sony San Diego.

Sony San Diego Studio has been hit with layoffs today, according to reporting from Gamasutra. Sources have stated that around 50 employees have been laid off, with the cuts affecting regular employees and executives. Gamasutra's sources say that it appears that Sony is moving away from online games development; Sony San Diego was behind smaller online-only titles like Guns Up, Drawn to Death, and Kill Strain for PlayStation 4.

The studio is also behind Sony's annual baseball franchise, MLB: The Show. The team behind the sports title looks to be unaffected by the layoffs.

"We can confirm there has been a reduction in headcount at San Diego Studio," a Sony representative told "The team working on MLB The Show have not been affected. We continually evaluate teams and programs at SIE Worldwide Studios to ensure we have the proper resources in place to deliver innovative products within a competitive landscape. As projects are completed, it is natural to review and restructure teams around current and future needs. We wish our departing team members success as they pursue new opportunities and we have nothing but heart-felt thanks for their contributions to PlayStation."

This follows earlier news of Sony making a number of staffers at Sony London redundant following the complete of PlayStation VR projects. The team at London Studio has been working on London Heist, a demo that has since been expanded.

"Regular reviews take place throughout SIE Worldwide Studios, ensuring that the resources that we have in such a competitive landscape deliver on our strategic objectives in the best way possible," another statement from Sony said about the London layoffs. "Unfortunately, there will be a number of compulsory redundancies within the London Studio. We accept that this will mean that we risk losing high calibre staff whose projects have reached completion and where possible, we will try to reallocate people to new projects currently being nurtured."

USgamer hopes everyone affected by the layoffs finds new employment soon.

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