Sony Says PlayStation 5's Suspend Mode Will Use Significantly Less Power

Sony Says PlayStation 5's Suspend Mode Will Use Significantly Less Power

But how does it compare to Xbox One's suspend feature?

When the PlayStation 5 comes out, you might be more willing to make the jump to Sony's next generation console knowing it could save you a little bit on your utilities every month. Sony estimates that the PS5 can draw just 0.5 watts with gameplay suspended, a significant reduction over what rest mode uses on PS4 models and closer to disabling Instant-on for Xbox One models.

Announcing the feature on the Official US PlayStation Blog as part of a UN climate action partnership, Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan says that "if just one million users enable this feature, it would save equivalent to the average electricity use of 1,000 US homes."

Beyond this aggregate estimate, Sony did not provide a direct comparison between the PS5 suspend mode and the power usage of a given PS4 model, but Sony does list estimates across PS4 models and revisions on its own website. Recent PS4 and PS4 Pro revisions draw around 0.2 W while turned completely off, but can draw from about 5-to-8 W while fully engaged in rest mode, meaning the console is suspending an application, sending power via USB, and staying connected to the internet. At 1.7 W, the latest hardware revision of the PS4 Pro (model number CUH-72XX) has the lowest estimated rest draw of any model while only keeping an application suspended.

Lowering the power draw to 0.5 W while keeping gameplay suspended would put the PS5 significantly ahead of current Xbox One hardware as well. In standard Instant-on rest mode, AnandTech estimates that the Xbox One and Xbox One X respectively draw 14.2 W and 10 W. Digital Foundry measured significantly higher draw from the One X in Instant-on mode, though Microsoft suggested the measurement may have been taken while an update was downloading. There's no intermediate option between Instant-on and the "Energy Saving Mode", which lowers the draw of an Xbox One model below the 1-2 W range at the expense of voice commands, suspended applications, and background downloads.

A 2014 report by the National Resources Defense Council blasted Sony and Microsoft over electricity use, estimating that most of the energy used by both PS4 and Xbox One consoles came from rest modes and video playback as opposed to time spent playing games. Energy-saving options and rest modes are only part of the energy use and corresponding emissions story: whether or not next-gen consoles will be more energy efficient at their peaks is yet to be seen. The marks for Sony to beat at peak use are well-established: Digital Foundry's benchmarks for the various PS4 Pro models all measured peak draw of around 170 W, while Sony's highest estimates for those models peak in the 140-to-160 W range.

We're still a ways off from a proper debut for the PS5, but we've learned a fair a bit about the forthcoming next-gen console over the past year or so. By all accounts the PS5 will be much faster than previous consoles, with SSD being a big part of its appeal. And now it looks like it'll save power, too.

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