Sony Taps Into the Internet's Love of Dogs with God of War Marketing

Whoosa good boy? Kratos is a good boy.

"Dog" is "God" backwards, which is why dogs don't have to go to Church. Seriously though, if you get careless while reading the words "God of War" you might wind up a bit of trouble. You might even get stuck with a useless game pitch, like this one poor fellow at the forefront of this Sony parody video.

To celebrate the launch of God of War, Sony released a "teaser" for a game we'll never see, unfortunately: Dog of War, a grand and sweeping adventure starring Kratos the bug-eyed Chihuahua. The titular Dog of War is a good boy, but he lacks the thumbs necessary to handle the Leviathan. I'm sure Dog-Kratos is good at other things, though, like chewing up expensive handbags and pooping on the rug in front of company. He's probably also good at biting anyone who tries to pick him up. Hey, I'm just speaking from experience, here. Try to take a Chihuahua out of its owners' arms. You'll pay for it, I promise.

Okay, so Dog of War isn't a real thing. God of War is, however, and it wants you dead. We can help you, because we like you and we want you to live. Read our hints, tips, and guides for God of War, including our guide to all the locations of God of War's Idunn Apples and our guide that tells you where to find all of God of War's Horns of Blood Mead.

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