Sony Tells Us When PS5 Won't be Releasing

Don't expect the PlayStation 5 until April, 2020 at the earliest. PS4 is still going strong.

Sony has given some PS5 release date info, but it's not the news fans anticipating the next PlayStation will have wanted. The firm has confirmed that the PS5 is not going to release within the next financial year, which ends in March, 2020.

The news of when the PS5 won't be releasing came during the financial briefing call following the release of the firm's 2018 financial report (as summarised by WSJ tech reporter Takashi Mochizuki). Although some people had been clinging onto hope that Sony might launch the PS5 early in 2020, similar to how Nintendo released the Nintendo Switch in March, 2017, that hope is now all but gone.

While it's possible the PS5 could be released during the spring and summer months, this would be odd timing due to that period usually being a quiet time for new triple-A video game releases. A new console would benefit from arriving alongside heavy hitters, and those tend to turn up from September onwards.

In terms of the ongoing success of the PS4, the news is exceedingly good. Sony managed to ship 17.8 million more PS4 consoles in the 2018 financial year, taking the total number of PS4s shipped to just under 100 million at an impressive 96.8 million. Given that the PS5 is likely at least another 18 months from release, the PS4 may well be knocking on the door of 120 million consoles shipped by the time it arrives. No small feat.

For the latest on the PS5, which Sony has now officially talked about, revealing some early spec info, head over to our PS5 release date guide.

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