Spat With Newspaper Leaves Atari With Egg on its Face

Atari hit with receipts.

Classic video game company Atari accused tech publication The Register of making trollish claims about its upcoming Atari VCS console. Atari claimed that information published by The Register with quotes from Atari COO Michael Arzt were inaccurate. The Register responded by publishing the audio recording of their conversation with Atari.

During the Atari VCS launch event in San Francisco at GDC 2018 The Register wrote a critical impression of the console. Or rather, a prototype of the console. Still, The Register found Arzt's answers to their questions to be vague and unsatisfactory, and they reported as much.

The Atari mystery box.

However, when the article was posted on Atari's Facebook page from a buyer looking from answers, the company said, "Our executives sat with that reporter for half an hour and he wrote what he wanted instead of what was discussed with him. Sadly there are even irresponsible trolls in 'professional' positions I guess."

The Register responded by releasing the entire audio for the interview online backing up the reporter's printed words. The whole situation has put Atari in a negative light, especially considering the Atari VCS surpsassed $2.9 million in funding on its IndieGoGo.

The Atari VCS is currently funding on IndieGoGo. While it's advertised as being able to play select Atari games from the past, it's also apparently forward-facing and able to play new software and games. Though, what those are isn't exactly clear yet. This is a new piece of hardware and not a retro console like the NES Classic, though it can be.

One thing's for sure, publications who've seen the Atari VCS and spoke with Atari have serious concerns and questions Atari hasn't answered and are willing to put blame on the media for the lack of clarity.

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