Overwatch Will Release Special Skins Not Tied to Events [Update]

Blizzard also revealed special Blizzard-themed skins to celebrate the new BlizzardWorld map.

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Update: Blizzard has clarified to us that Overwatch will now release skins into regular loot box rotation outside of timed events, like the many skins entering the rotation during base loot boxes for BlizzardWorld's launch in early 2018. It's unconfirmed what this means for former timed event skins. The original story is below, now edited for clarification.

We've all been there before. The last hours of an Overwatch event, debating whether buying just a few more loot boxes is worth it for the chance at a limited edition Overwatch skin. Soon, that tradition will be a little less regular. In fact, skins in general will be a little less confined to timed events in general.

Blizzard revealed today that they will soon be releasing special skins that will enter the regular loot box rotation. However, unlike the skins of the past, they won't expire. That will make it a bit easier for collectors who have become accustomed to sweating out deadlines as they try to get a preferred skin.

This news arrived during today's BlizzCon 2017 panel, "Overwatch: What's Next." The Overwatch team also revealed a bunch of new skins joining the loot box rotation in celebration of the game's new Blizzard-themed map. The Blizzard-centric skins will launch around the same time as the map BlizzardWorld launches in early 2018.

Earlier today, Blizzard unveiled their latest character—Moira, a villainous support hero. We also got a pretty amazing animated short for Reinhardt.

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