Speedrunners Are Already Breaking Zelda: Breath of the Wild in Sublime Ways

Speedrunners Are Already Breaking Zelda: Breath of the Wild in Sublime Ways

Horses are for chumps. It's all about boulders now.

It's no surprise the speedrunning community already has its hooks in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Once you beat the first three shrines on the Great Plateau and grab the paraglider from the old man, the entirety of Hyrule opens up to you.

That means you can technically make a beeline to Hyrule Castle and fix what's ailing it (it has a bad case of the Ganons). There's no way I can do it: Once that Guardian music cues up, I scramble up a tree like a spooked cat and wait for it to lose interest. But speedrunners are a different breed. They knoweth not fear or restraint.

They're also resourceful and clever. The top speedrunners for Breath of the Wild are currently finishing the game in around one hour and fifteen minutes thanks to some epic tricks, and that number is shrinking by the day.

One trick making the rounds on social media was demonstrated by Venick, currently one of the game's top runners. Using the Stasis item, he locked a boulder into place, bashed it a bunch of times, then hung onto its side just before Stasis broke its hold and went flying off, fueled by all that stored-up energy.

I'm reminded of Mercenary Tao from Dragon Ball, whose preferred method of travel involves uprooting a tree, throwing it, and jumping on.

Try to get those speedruns under half an hour, guys and gals. I believe in you.

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