Speedrunners Have Untitled Goose Game Down to Less Than Four Minutes Already

Speedrunners Have Untitled Goose Game Down to Less Than Four Minutes Already

Wreaking havoc on the town in no time at all.

Speedrunners have a knack for quickly dissecting a new game and finding ways to break through it. But in the short time since Untitled Goose Game launched, players have seemingly distilled the goose run down to its most necessary parts, resulting in a sub-four-minute run that's a tear through the neighborhood.

Obviously, if you don't want to be spoiled on how the game progresses over the course of its critical path, don't read ahead. That being said, runners in the Any% category don't necessarily care about doing things the "right" way, just the fastest way; many of the tricks you'll see in speedrunner Seij's 3 minute, 46 second sprint through the goose game involve breaking an intended sequence or gaining access to a new area through clipping and other means.

The goal of Any% is to get to the credits roll in whatever way possible, which is achieved by dumping the golden bell into the goose's hidden stash of bells. Seij mostly achieves this by doing a number of clips through different parts of the level, getting past certain gates that would be otherwise blocked off.

While early runs, like a 17 minute, 46 second world-record run on September 21, engaged with more of the neighborhood's residents and the intended tasks, Seij's sub-four-minute run mostly ignores the task list in favor of clipping to the bell. It was pretty impressive to see how fast runners slimmed down the world-record pace over the course of a few days.

The Untitled Goose Game world-record race developed at a rapid pace. | Eric Van Allen/USG, Speedrun.com

One of the goose game's runners, MonkeyKingHero, commented on Seij's run that the run is nearly dead, presumably because there's little more to discover in the game that could further cut the time beyond execution. Still, there are other categories like 100%, and if nothing else, Untitled Goose Game could be a good way for new runners to quickly get acquainted with the past-time.

There are many ways to beat a game, as evidenced by runners who insist on getting through games without taking any hits or even those who speedrun real-life challenges like Disneyland. Whether there are more categories and strategies to uncover or not, I look forward to this mischievous unnamed goose hopefully gracing marathons like Games Done Quick very soon.

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