Speedrunning Super Mario Odyssey at Demo Kiosks is the New Hotness

Speedrunning Super Mario Odyssey at Demo Kiosks is the New Hotness

Speedrunning Super Mario Odyssey is serious business.

Are you a speedrunner trying to prove that you're the best there ever was? Well how about taking on the Super Mario Odyssey demo kiosk challenge? It's the hottest new speedrunning challenge on the scene. The only problem is you have to actually go to a video game retailer with the demo to compete.

The video game speedrun subreddit has seen a recent influx of members posting videos of themselves running through the Super Mario Odyssey demo. Since the demo is only available in-stores, potential speedrunning champions have to physically travel to a store with the demo kiosk and film themselves running through the Super Mario Odyssey Tostarena level. The first run ever recorded clocked in with a seven-minute completion time.

Members in the subreddit seem to find themselves between amusement, and the hardcore obsession that defines the speedrunning community. In-between offering congratulations, some users are pouring over the footage in attempts to discover new tricks.

User Hylian_Soup writes:

No demo% run that I've seen utilized the optimal boss strats. You can hit the bombs back at the UFO to cancel the UFO cycle and speed the boss fight up like crazy.

While TubsTheCat simply exclaims in all caps:


The current record seems to be held by Jacob Babione who clocked in a five and a half minute run of the demo on October 12. Whether that time will be beaten by the time the full version of Super Mario Odyssey hits stores on October 28 remains to be seen.

In the meantime check out our full Super Mario Odyssey guide for the latest info.

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