A Speedrunner Already Beat Spelunky 2 In Just 6 Minutes

A Speedrunner Already Beat Spelunky 2 In Just 6 Minutes

C'mon man, it's only been out for a few hours!

For most players, it will take dozens of hours and hundreds, perhaps thousands of attempts before they finish a full run of Spelunky 2. Experienced Spelunky runner Kristoffer Almroth a.k.a. Krille71, however, was able to make it in just six minutes and eight seconds—a remarkable feat given that Spelunky 2 has only been out for a few hours.

First, before the video, some context: watching this run will naturally spoil parts of Spelunky 2, like later areas not seen in the game's trailers. It's also an "Any%" run, which is a more loaded speedrun qualifier for Spelunky titles than it is for some other games. Krille71 goes from the opening mines to the regular ending, not even bothering with early secrets or item collection along the way.

Aside from being the first logged run and, thus, a world record, Krille71's ridiculously fast playthrough is also impressive because it adheres to the principles of a "Low%" run from 2012's Spelunky HD. Krille71 doesn't pick up any additional bombs, ropes, or other useful tools in the run.

If you know a bit about Spelunky's notorious roguelike difficulty and are wondering how a feat like this is even possible on launch day, it helps knowing that Krille71 is one of the best Spelunky players out there. On MossRanking, the community-run website that tracks all sorts of Spelunky speedrun categories, high scores, and daily challenge stats, Krille71 is the #4 ranked player in the world.

As I point out in my review of Spelunky 2, the core mechanics do remain more-or-less the same in the sequel, so it probably won't be long until other longtime Spelunky players join Krille71 on the speedrun leaderboards. That said, new items, enemies, branching paths, and hidden areas all add up to make Spelunky 2 harder to unravel experience than its predecessor. We may have our first world record speedrun already, but it may be a while yet before players start to unearth the sequel's big secrets.

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