Spider-Man PS4 is UK's Fastest-Selling Game of 2018 So Far

Does whatever a spider can.

News by Matt Kim, .

Spider-Man PS4 is off to a swinging start as Insomniac's Marvel superhero game became the fastest-selling game of 2018 in the UK so far.

According to sister site, Spider-Man PS4 narrowly beat Far Cry 5 for the honor of fastest-selling game this year and has already sold double what God of War did. Spider-Man PS4 is also the fastest-selling Marvel game in the UK, trouncing Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

In the UK at least, Spider-Man hasn't quite beaten Batman: Akrham Knight for fastest-selling superhero game, but that's excluding digital sales or the fact that Arkham Knight was multiplatform at launch.

My Spider-Sense is tingling.

We'll have to wait and see until next month's September sales reports for the US comes out to offer a glimpse at Spider-Man sales on our side of the pond. However, reactions to the PlayStation 4 exclusive has been overwhelmingly positive, and Spidey has a homefield advantage as a native New Yorker.

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