Spider-Man PS4 New DLC Release Date Revealed

We know when Turf Wars is coming.

News by Matt Kim, .

We now know the release date for Spider-Man PS4's second DLC episode, "Turf Wars," thanks to an in-game menu notification.

Spider-Man's second DLC in The City That Never Sleeps trilogy will be out on November 20 and will focus on the criminal gangster Hammerhead. A relatively normal Spider-Man villain, Hammerhead is usually depicted with having some kind of giant forehead which is strong enough to break through walls.

I say normal because Hammerhead, like Wilson Fisk, is more about day-to-day crime stuff as opposed to say supervillain crime stuff.


Spider-Man released its first DLC, "The Heist" last month and introduced Black Cat fully into Insomniac's Spider-Man universe. We felt it was a bit short for our tastes, but hopefully the DLC trilogy will only grow out as new episodes are released.

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  • Avatar for NotCarolKaye #1 NotCarolKaye 8 days ago
    I'm just gonna wait 'til they're all done.
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  • Avatar for MetManMas #2 MetManMas 7 days ago
    I'm sure I'll pick up the DLC eventually, but it's hard for me for get too excited about this. I mean, palling around with Black Cat is cool and all, but going from fighting superpowered baddies in the main game to fighting an ugly mobster whose power is "Has a big hard head" in the DLC isn't particularly exciting.

    I hope we'll see a more interesting villain before all of this is done. I know there's suspicions that the final DLC will have Silver Sable come back to town, but it could also stand for Silvermane, especially given the Maggia are a big focus of the DLC. He's no man made of sand or giant lizard, but I'd be cool with a showdown with a geriatric cyborg.
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