Spider-Man PS4 Has Three New Suits for 'Silver Lining' DLC Including a Cool Movie Tie-In

Spider-Man PS4 Has Three New Suits for 'Silver Lining' DLC Including a Cool Movie Tie-In

We also have a release date.

The trailer for the final Spider-Man PS4 DLC pack, The City That Never Sleeps, is out now along with three new suit reveals. Titled, "Silver Lining," the final trailer sees the return of Silver Sable and a race to stop the villain Hammerhead.

Like past DLC chapters, Silver Lining comes with three new Spider-suits, including a tie-in to the upcoming Into the Spider-Verse. While I wish it was the Miles Morales suit, you'll instead get adult Peter Parker's outfit from the upcoming animated film. There's also the Cyborg Spider Suit that looks something out of Mortal Kombat, as well as Aaron Ackman's Armor Suit which looks very cool.

Insomniac Games

In addition, Sony and Insomniac are teaming up on a special Spider-Verse promotion. Players who pre-order the animated film from the PlayStation Store will get a voucher for the Silver Lining DLC, a dynamic theme, and avatar as a pre-order.

The City That Never Sleeps ends on December 21 with the release of Silver Lining. Previous episodes include The Heist and Turf Wars. For more, check out our Spider-Man guide.

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