Spider Man PS4: We Glitched Our Way to the Statue of Liberty

Spider Man PS4: We Glitched Our Way to the Statue of Liberty

Yeah, we're definitely not supposed to be here.

One of the highlights of 2004’s Spider-Man 2 game was working out how to get across to the Statue of Liberty. It involved attaching your web to a pair of helicopters and timing your jump just right to reach Ellis island. In Spider Man PS4, you aren’t supposed to be able to reach the Statue of Liberty, but through pure glitchy luck, we managed it.

You see, for as open and sprawling as Spider Man on PS4’s rendition of Manhattan is, there are invisible boundaries to stop you venturing too far out from its edges. Land in the water and you’ll notice that Spidey cannot swim. He’ll just sort of float there until you web back onto one of the railings located at the edges of the map. Swing out too far across a bridge and you’ll be greeted with a message saying you’ve reached the limits of play, and pressing X will promptly spin you back around to move back toward the center if the map.

With the aid of the dodge move though, you can move in the water, albeit by about five feet at a time. Using this method we were able to glitch through the invisible barrier separating us from lady Liberty, and we were able to edge our way closer and closer to Ellis island.

In the video embedded above, you can see exactly where we managed to get through the barrier, and also just how slow progress is when you’re using a dodge animation as your main source of movement.

And what did we find when we reached Ellis island and the statue of Liberty? Well, a whole lot of nothing that’s what. It’s pretty clear that Ellis Island is not somewhere the folks over at Insomniac expect players to be able to visit, so it actually appears as a hollow art asset with no actual presence in game. We just clipped straight through it, and even managed to get directly below the statue, showing that it was indeed empty.

It’s worth noting that the exploit we found was present in a pre-release version of the game, and will likely be patched at launch. Still though, we’ll always remember visiting the strange, empty shell of Ellis island in Spider Man PS4, and who knows, maybe we’ll visit it for real in the sequel. here's hoping.

We’ll be bringing you plenty more on Spider Man PS4 in the coming weeks, but in the meantime you can check out what we thought of it in our Spider Man PS4 review. If you’ve just picked up the game yourself and are looking for tips, then our Spider Man PS4 Guides Hub is the place to be.

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