Spider-Man Remastered Got Its Save-Transfer Update a Little Bit Early

Spider-Man Remastered Got Its Save-Transfer Update a Little Bit Early

Now, owners of the original on PS4 can pick things up with New Pete where they left off.

I just rolled credits on Spider-Man: Miles Morales the other night, and before I could even get around to contemplating whether or not I should download the remastered version of 2018's Spider-Man, Insomniac has already released a patch that aims to fix two of its biggest issues. Crucially, the remaster is no longer totally siloed off from the 2018 original—as of today, owners of the PS4 game can export their save data to the new version on PS5.

That's a fast turnaround on a feature that the new Spider-Man Remastered originally wasn't supposed to get. Back in September, Insomniac and Sony confirmed that on top of there not being a free PS5 upgrade to the remaster (which is still the case), players wouldn't be able to transfer their progress to the new version. Obviously, starting over from scratch on a game that can easily take around 30 hours just for the story could be a bummer, new ray tracing to soak in or not.

Then, shortly before the launch of the PS5, Miles Morales, and the Remaster, Insomniac confirmed that patches for the PS4 original and PS5 remaster of Spider-Man were in the works that would allow for save transfers. These were expected to go live around Thanksgiving, and here we are a few days ahead of that target with the patches already live.

The PS5 patch also aims to fix a problem that's been making some new console owners wary of the remaster. There have been common reports of PS5 units crashing in rest mode while having Spider-Man suspended, and Insomniac says this patch includes a fix for that amongst its other changes. Again, great news for anyone who just wants to tackle the DLC with an old save or mop up a few challenges without having to go through a longer (but still blazingly fast) cold boot up each time they sit down to play.

Folks who're still on PS4 also get a benefit from this new patch regardless of whether they'll ever touch the remaster. The PS4 version, while still rocking the original Peter Parker face, now has three new Spider-Man suits added to the remaster including the design featured in the Andrew Garfield movies. It's a bit of a shame we don't also have a disheveled Spider-Verse Peter, but free's free.

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