Splat! A Splatoon-Inspired Playlist

With Splatoon 2 on the horizon, we made a Splatoon-inspired playlist for you to enjoy.

Article by Caty McCarthy, .

All of my favorite game soundtracks are distinct. You can't escape the trip-hop of Jet Set Radio, nor the lounge jazz-inclined nature of anything penned by Shoji Meguro of Persona fame. You can't forget the lo-fi indie rock of Vib-Ribbon, nor the ultra varied sunny pop of Katamari Damacy. The first Splatoon has a soundtrack that rests alongside those, with its bubble pop from the Squid Sisters and beyond.

From what I've played of the opening hours of the incoming sequel's single-player campaign, Splatoon 2 so far offers more of the same. There are familiar tracks, like this chopped up tune, in addition to completely new melodies. Consistently, they've been great. And if anything, listening while playing has just reminded me of how underrated and superb Splatoon's music has always been.

A great game soundtrack matches the game. Not just complementing it, but is so essential that in envisioning the game without it, it wouldn't be the same the game. Splatoon's infectious blend of Squid-Pop and Squid-Indie Rock is this, essentially. (And not because of its two most recognizable characters being pop stars.) You imagine the trendy inklings listening to this music in their spare time, not in only in the realm of squirting ink at one another. It wouldn't be outrageous to imagien them bopping along to it while sipping coffee and dusting ink off their streetwear branded sneakers. Splatoon's tunes feel right at home in its neon-saturated world, as it should be.

As I once did for Night in the Woods, I decided to make a quaint little playlist inspired by Splatoon for you all to enjoy. It's littered with J-Pop, indie pop, and little things in between. In essence, I tried to imagine a squid kid more stylish than me listening to it. It's on Spotify, but I made a tracklist for those on other services that want to rebuild the playlist on their respective streaming or listening platforms. Anyways, enjoy. Stay fresh and all that jazz.

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