Splatoon 2 Players Are Dressing Up For The End Of The World

Splatoon 2 Players Are Dressing Up For The End Of The World

We're near the end of Splatoon 2's updates and events, but it's going out in style.

During my deep Splatoon 2 phase—and trust me, it was really deep; my Nintendo Switch tells me I spent 200 hours playing it in that fateful first year-plus—I would color coordinate my outfits with the Splatfest of the month. Most of the time, that meant bright colors. Other times it meant choosing shoes and head accessories that complemented the Splatfest-specific T-shirt. But I always saw myself as one of the few who did this; I never walked through the Inkling and Octoling-filled Inkopolis Square to see a sea of like-colors for the Turf War festivities. With this weekend's Final Splatfest though, that's all changed.

The world of Splatoon 2 has been sapped of lively color. The flags dangling off storefronts with the two teams' emblems are a dirty beige and a pristine chrome. The Order side of Inkopolis glistens, while the Chaos side has tattered flags and barbed wire strung along its storefronts. There's a smog coating the sky now too. Maybe this is what we should have expected from the self-dubbed "Splatocalypse." The T-shirts we wear are all the same, as always; a mixture of white and black for the Order and Chaos themes of the final Splatfest.

My allegiance, of course. | Caty McCarthy/USG, Nintendo

While the atmosphere in matches feels more intense—after all the last Splatoon's final Splatfest that pinned Callie against Marie had large repercussions on the story of Splatoon 2—the mood on social media and Reddit is largely celebration. And everyone's celebrating in style.

The outfits players are rocking in Inkopolis Square are monochromatic, which makes sense given the white and black color scheme. While the Chaos team has a gold-ish tint on the squid or octopus hair, due to the shiny gold craft-like paint for the Turf War battles, the Order team has a more silver-tinge. Some head accessories change color to match whatever a match's ink color specifies, while others don't change color at all. Shoes, defiantly, have always stuck to the same color. So for this week's Splatfest, I've spotted players specifically choosing white or black shoes to wear to coincide with their looks, and even themed headgear too.

In honor of the Splatfest, Nintendo is offering four exclusive limited time headgear items: two for Chaos, and two for Order. (You can get the items by checking Nintendo's News section on your Nintendo Switch, finding the story about the items, and hitting download.) Naturally, a lot of players are rocking the fish skeleton and mohawk helmets for Chaos, just as they are the robotic glasses and helmet for Order. Others, though, are keeping it more laid back, with just color-coordinated accessories. I've seen a lot of bandanas, sunglasses, and face masks to go along with the theme. Not many are breaking out their straw sunhats or crimson rain boots.

It's cool to see everyone in Inkopolis taking the Splatfest very seriously from head to toe. My own look? The new skeleton helmet with the special black and gold foil slip-on sneakers that were a special download around springtime for the pastel-themed Splatfest—the polar opposite of this one, strangely enough. I'm not only seeing mohawks and skulls aplenty though; everyone is interpreting what a Splatocalypse is in their own monochromatic way. Fashion is about expression and interpretation, and style has always been a major part of Splatoon. The Final Splatfest's desaturation lending to how Ink-and-Octolings style themselves is perhaps the most natural way to bid adieu.

To get in on the last Splatfest, you must choose either Chaos or Order upon logging in if you haven't already. From there on, you earn "Clout" which goes toward the overall winner. Randomly, you have a chance to battle in 10x or 100x battles, which counts for 10 or 100 times the amount of usual. (Essentially, as if you played ten or 100 matches.)

It's hard to believe Splatoon 2 is two years old now. And yet, it is, having launched in July 2017 as one of the first big games to hit the Nintendo Switch in its first few months. Even though this is the end of events and new content for the non-violent third-person shooter, it's not like it's dead. The servers will live on, the upcoming private battle option to use Splatfest colors will be implemented, and fans will keep playing and buying up the hottest clothes they don't already own until the next Splatoon eventually inks its way onto our turf. The Splatocalypse runs from today until Sunday, July 21.

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