Splatoon 2 Is About to Lose the Title of Japan's Best-Selling Switch Game

Splatoon 2 Is About to Lose the Title of Japan's Best-Selling Switch Game

Well this news is just Smashing.

Splatoon is hugely popular in Japan, but it looks like sales for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will overtake sales for Splatoon 2 very soon. Hey, the Inklings are in Smash Ultimate, so no hard feelings, right?

Media Creates' Japanese video game sales charts for the week of March 11 through 17 indicate 20,706 copies of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sold at retail, bringing its lifetime sales to 2,953,145. Splatoon 2 sold 7,516 copies at retail through the week, bringing its lifetime retail sales to 2,962,831. That's a mere difference of 9,686 copies, and it’s a number that Smash Bros. Ultimate should easily overtake as long as it remains the best-selling Switch game in Japan.

Overall, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was Japan's fourth best-selling game for the week. The Division 2 came in at number one, One Piece: World Seeker is number two, and Devil May Cry 5 is number three. 11 of the games in the Top 20 for the week are Switch games.

The Switch is also far and away the best-selling console in Japan for the week analyzed, with 56,954 units sold. The PlayStation 4 comes in second with 25,015 units sold, and the PlayStation 4 Pro is third at 7,206 units.

Splatoon 2 is a bright and lively team-based shooting (paintballing?) game, so its continued success since its Summer 2017 launch is hardly a surprise. But Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is also pretty amazing. It offers tons to do as a single player experience as well as a multiplayer one. And we'll probably see it stay at the top of Japan's sales charts for a while thanks to the impending launch of Persona 5's Joker as a playable character. Hail to the new king.

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