Splatoon 2 Sales Exceed 2 Million in Japan

Splatoon 2 Sales Exceed 2 Million in Japan

How many gallons of paint have been spilled in the name of turf wars? Someone do the math.

You're a kid now, you're a squid now, you're a heavy-hitting franchise now. Sales of Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo Switch have surpassed 2 million.

Famitsu pegs Splatoon 2's Japanese sales numbers at 2,016,182 (via Gematsu). That adds up to a lot of mutant sea-children throwing ink at each other. Splatoon 2 launched on the Switch worldwide on July 21 2017, which means it accumulated those two million sales across 30 weeks.

Get out there and fight like seafood.

Famitsu also tallied up Japanese Switch sales, and apparently 3,766,244 Switches have happy homes across the country. That means a significant chunk of people bought Splatoon 2 for the Switch—or they bought the Switch because of Splatoon 2. Either way, it's good to see such a fun and clever franchise get recognition on the same level as Nintendo's mascot-driven games.

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