Splatoon 2's Final Splatfest Detailed, Private Splatfest Mode Coming in July

The festivals are coming to an end with one last climactic battle.

Nothing gold can stay, so Splatoon 2's two years of Splatfests are coming to a close in July with one final Splatfest. Rather than a fun battle between condiment preferences, Splatoon 2's "Splatocalypse" poses a moral quandary. What world would you choose, chaos or order?

Fans are already theorizing the potential ramifications this might have for Splatoon 3. The first Splatoon's final Splatfest pit the two in-game TV show hosts against each other, which ended up determining which Squid Sister played the villain in the sequel. This Splatocalypse, with the Off the Hook hosts split along the lines of chaos and order, is being billed as the largest yet. It certainly seems like the outcome might affect a future Splatoon entry.

The bout will take place from July 18 through 21, though you'll be able to choose your side in-game close to the event's start. Special "Final Fest" gear will also roll out through the Squid Research Lab Bulletin on the Switch News Channel leading up to the event.

For those like myself who will miss Splatfests, there is one bit of good news for the future. Nintendo says it plans on adding a Turf War (Splatfest) mode to private battles in an update at the end of July, letting you choose any Shifty Station variation, night versions of classic stages, and even your team and ink colors from past Splatfests. Time to finally replay ketchup vs. mayo.

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