Splatoon is Getting an Anime Just in Time for Splatoon 2

The animated shorts will be based off the manga.

News by Matt Kim, .

At the very least, Splatoon is one of Nintendo's most memorable new IPs in recent memory. The world of squid kids who shoot paint at one another doesn't just make for an enjoyable Nintendo shooter, but over the course of two games (and one Marina) amassed a huge fanbase. Splatoon will even get a new animated shorts series early next month on August 12.

Originally reported by Japanese video game website Ga-M, the anime shorts will premiere on the CoroCoro YouTube channel, the official channel for CoroCoro's monthly manga magazine aimed primarily at children. These shorts probably won't be full episode length, instead adapting the short format of the CoroCoro Splatoon manga strips.

Splatoon manga creator Sankichi Hinodeya tweeted out a preview of CoroCoro's Splatoon-themed issue which will come out on July 21 alongside Splatoon 2. Hinodeya's preview includes a little more information on the upcoming anime.

There's no word on whether or not the animated shorts will be subbed or dubbed in English. Viz Media is already in the process of publishing the Splatoon manga in English for later this year, but Nintendo previously released English dubbed anime before.

It's also unclear if the Splatoon anime is part of Nintendo's anime initiative, something the company hinted at during this year's annual shareholders meeting. Whether or not the Splatoon anime paves the way for even more anime in the future, or just meant to capitalize on Splatoon's popularity among young fans, it's great to see more Splatoon.

Splatoon 2 launches in North America this Friday on July 21. Keep an eye out for our review!

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  • Avatar for Wellman2nd #1 Wellman2nd 9 months ago
    Honest I figured we get a Splatoon anime someday but this is pretty quick. I hope it does well.
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  • Avatar for Ralek #2 Ralek 9 months ago
    Interesting, I'm just playing BotW these days (I patiently waited for the Master Mode to arrive^^), and for the first time, I really think that a Zelda 'cartoon' should happen and that it could be a good, possibly even a great idea. I don't know what exactly it is that I like so much - besides the voice acting - it's probably the fact, that Zelda finally got a real personality and that it's just all done so well overall, but those small memory cutscenes really made me feel for the characters and they brought the world, as well as the struggles within it, alive so well.

    I don't know, but if they could replicate the look, sound and style of the game for a show, then I think it could be really something. Anyways, looking forward to those Splatoon shorts, hell, I didn't even know there was a manga (at least as far as I can recall^^). If Viz is publishing then, I might have to check them out (they have my undying love and enternal gratitude for sticking with Dorohedoro - despite a drop in quality of the translation and publication after the first few issues, but still .. ).Edited 2 times. Last edited July 2017 by Ralek
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