Square Enix Continues to Save Chrono Trigger on Steam With Another New Patch

A third patch is set for early June.

Square Enix is working hard to keep fixing Chrono Trigger on PC. Today, the company released a second patch that further improves the PC version, and brings it closer to what fans expect of the game which finally released on PC in February of this year.

The second patch updates the Battle UI to make the screen layout and control input better optimized for players using a gamepad or keyboard. Since Chrono Trigger on PC was originally a port of the mobile version, the Battle UI was suited for touch displays and mouse. Now, with better gamepad support Chrono Trigger should start feeling like a more classic experience.

Chrono Trigger Battle UI patch. Source: Twitter

In addition, further graphical changes have been made to the character sprites on the world map for that classic pixel art look, and update animated cutscenes have been improved as well. The display size of the scenes have also been enlarged.

Square Enix is promising a third patch in early June that will further improve the screen layout and enhance the controls even more.

This is the second patch Square Enix released for Chrono Trigger on Steam. The first patch restored Chrono Trigger's graphics to look more like its SNES release. Square Enix added an option where players could choose either the "Original" graphics or a "High Resolution" filtered graphics.

When Chrono Trigger first came out on Steam, players soon realized it was a mobile version of the game ported to windows. Square Enix responded to criticism quicky and deployed the first patch in April. It looks like the company is working hard on getting the game to look and feel like the classic original, and these patches are going a long way to make that happen.

Hopefully with a few more adjustments, Chrono Trigger on PC will be the same version of the game players grew up with, or that new players can jump into while still getting the full, original experience.

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