Sorry, Square Enix Won't Release Final Fantasy 7 Remake Early Digitally

Sorry, Square Enix Won't Release Final Fantasy 7 Remake Early Digitally

Need a little patience, yeah yeah.

As COVID-19 seethes through the streets of the world's major cities, stealing lives and livelihood alike, most of us are aching for comfort. We looked up to Square Enix and shouted, "Please release the digital version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake early!" And Square Enix looked down and whispered, "No."

Hard copies of Final Fantasy 7 Remake are in the hands of some people who benefitted from an early shipment Square Enix sent out earlier this month. The official release date for Final Fantasy 7 Remake is April 10, which includes remaining hard copies of the game as well as the digital download. If you're hoping Square Enix might relent and let us play Final Fantasy 7 Remake over the coming weekend, you may as well tuck your hopes away. An official statement from Square Enix makes it clear Final Fantasy 7 Remake won't be playable until April 10.

"[C]hanging the digital release date at this point-in-time could lead to logistical issues that could disrupt the digital launch for everyone," reads the statement. "Therefore, we will be adhering to an April 10 digital release date. Thank you for your understanding."

Hang in there, baby. And if you do have Final Fantasy 7 Remake already, be aware that Square Enix is serious when it says, "Don't stream this game until April 10."

There's a little good news, though. You can pre-load Final Fantasy 7 Remake on your PlayStation 4, so it'll be ready for you when the clock strikes midnight on April 10. Sony recently slowed download speeds to avoid overloading its servers during quarantine, so it's not a bad idea to start your download early—especially since Final Fantasy 7 Remake weighs in at a chonky 100 gigs.

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