Square-Enix Is Putting Its Full Support Behind the Nintendo Switch

Expect to see more ports and new franchises from Square-Enix on Nintendo's system.

The Nintendo Switch is selling well, particularly in its home country of Japan. The system is having a hard time staying on shelves, and game publishers are clearly noticing consumers' interest.

Indeed, Square-Enix plans to support the Switch as much as possible through original titles as well as ports. On April 6, Square-Enix COO Yosuke Matsuda talked to Japanese newspaper Nikkei (via Press A 2 Join) about its current games for the Switch, and what's to come.

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"In addition to developing new titles, we also want to port what we can do with existing game titles more and more," Matsuda said.

A port of the classic-style RPG I am Setsuna is already available for the Nintendo Switch, and a new franchise, Octopath Traveller, is currently in the works. In Japan, the Switch also has Dragon Quest Heroes I & II, and an upcoming Seiken Densetsu Collection.

Dragon Quest Heroes I & II hasn't been announced for North America (though Dragon Quest Heroes II is on its way for PlayStation 4 later this month), nor has Seiken Densetsu Collection. Getting the latter over here is hardly an impossibility, though.

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