Square Enix's Idol Fantasy Mobile Game is Sadly Not a Final Fantasy Idol Simulator

Square Enix's Idol Fantasy Mobile Game is Sadly Not a Final Fantasy Idol Simulator

You can manage your own idol group, but not one made up of Cecil, Locke, Cloud, and Noctis.

Yesterday, Square-Enix Japan revealed a Twitter for an upcoming mobile game called Idol Fantasy. It's a "magical heart-throbbing fantasy x idol training game" featuring character designs by Final Fantasy / Kingdom Hearts character designer Tetsuya Nomura and other famous illustrators.

Despite its name and its pedigree, Idol Fantasy doesn't let you train up Final Fantasy's best boys into media super-personalities. I'm kind of miffed about that. It worked for Fire Emblem, guys. Give me a chance to engineer Cloud into a beautiful shell meant only for public disassembly and consumption.

Well, it is what it is. Four idol units have been revealed so far: The Brave Hearts, The E-lements, the Jingi, and the Sweets Monstar. Each idol team has its own quirk and personality. The Jingi have a mystical air around them, Sweets Monstar is all about pastel colors and candy, the E-lements exude class, and The Brave Hearts are really into denim, apparently. Idol Fantasy features professionally-choreographed performances in addition to full voice acting. Players can organize live shows, TV programs, concerts, movies, and more.

There's no indication an English release of Idol Fantasy is in Square-Enix's plans, but if your Japanese is up to snuff, you can pre-register for the game. If enough people sign up, early adopters will receive reward crystals (presumably Idol Fantasy's hard currency). Idol Fantasy comes to iOS and Android in Japan this summer.

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