SSX Creator Thinks Rocket League is a Successor to EA Sports BIG

"I miss action-arcade titles and I think the reason they kind of disappeared is for the most part because there haven't been any good ones."

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As it turns out Steven Rechtschaffner, who founded EA Sports Big and created SSX, is pretty bummed by the lack of action-arcade style games nowadays. For the SSX creator, there hasn't been a game that harkens back to the manic style of fun he tried to cultivate back in EA. No game that is, except Rocket League.

In talking about Rocket League as a successor to the fun, action-arcade games developed at EA Sports Big, Rechtschaffner likens development of those kinds of games to pop music. "You have to bring a lot of elements together. Lots and lots of people can make a song and call it a pop song but it's something completely different when it becomes a hit on the radio, and people are humming it."

Rocket League is just that sort of pop music kind of game, which features diverse, fun elements, and what's more, became a hit that everyone started humming. After all, it takes a special game to launch a game company just on the back of a soccer/car sport hybrid that released for free through Sony's PS Plus subscription service.

It's also pretty high praise considering Rechtschaffner reveals that he purposely tried to model his own games after the kind of carefree, fun energy present in Nintendo games.

For Rechtschaffner, Rocket League has exactly the kind of "visceral energy" that he refers to when he thinks about compelling arcade games. Unfortunately, Rocket League is just one game. "I miss action-arcade titles," laments Rechscaffner, "and I think the reason they kind of disappeared is for the most part because there haven't been any good ones."

You can check out the full profile with Rechschaffner in our full profile of the SSX creator.

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