Star Wars Battlefront 2 is Getting a New Mode in the Style of the Battlefront Games of Old

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is Getting a New Mode in the Style of the Battlefront Games of Old

The new Battlefront looks to its history for its new mode, Capital Supremacy.

Electronic Arts and EA DICE announced today a new mode for Star Wars Battlefront 2. On March 26, Battlefront 2 will be updated with Capital Supremacy, a new experience rooted in the Clone Wars era. According to DICE, Capital Supremacy is a mode where "non-linear ground battles fuse with the thrill of invading capital ships and taking them down."

"With dynamic shifts between the open-ended Ground Phase and the attacking or defending of two unique capital ships in the Invasion Phase, players are able to take on a tactical, Clone Wars-era authentic tug of war – where they have the agency to tackle combat scenarios in many different ways," said the developer in their explanation of the new mode.

While it's not entirely free-form like the original Star Wars Battlefront, the move from ground to ship battles is at least somewhat closer to the classic Battlefront games. The constraints of AAA visual presentation seem to preclude the seamless ground and space war that those games offered. This mode is likely as close as the new games will get.

Capital Supremacy pits two teams of 20 players, backed up by another 12 AI characters, marking the first-time that AI is available in Battlefront 2's PVP battles. Both teams fight over five different control points in a ground battle. By controlling the most points during this first ground-based phase, teams get reinforcement tickets, noted by a progress bar.

Once one team has enough reinforcements, they get the chance to attack their opponent's capital ship. Now both teams have to get to transport shuttles, with attackers getting more reinforcements for successfully getting to the shuttle. Then Capital Supremacy changes to the invasion phase.

This invasion phase drops the AI backup, being fought solely by the player teams. The attacking team has to break defense lines to access a ship's weak points. If the attackers reach both security consoles that protect the weak points, they win. If the defenders can successfully stop the attacking team by taking them down and depleting their reinforcement tickets, then the match returns to the ground phase. Repeat until a capital ship is taken down.

To back up the new mode, there are a few new locations and units being added to Star Wars Battlefront 2. Pipeline Junction West on Geonosis is the new map, with Separatist Dreadnought and Republic Attack Cruiser capital ship interiors. The new units are the Infiltrator class Republic ARC Trooper and Separatist BX Commando Droid.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 famously had a pretty rough launch, mostly because of its extremely unpopular loot boxes. EA DICE keeps plugging away at it though, releasing new maps, characters, and other new content. This is certainly one of the most ambitious and interesting update sto date.

Capital Supremacy is coming to Star Wars Battlefront 2 on March 26.

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