Star Wars Battlefront 2's Han Solo Season Features Challenges Inspired by his Life and Half-Death

Star Wars Battlefront 2's Han Solo Season Features Challenges Inspired by his Life and Half-Death

Get ready to go Solo, Battlefront 2 players.

Season Two of Star Wars Battlefront 2 will deploy on May 16 (that's next week!). Unsurprisingly, the season is themed in honor of Han Solo, no doubt to tie it in with the May 23 theatrical release of Solo: A Star Wars Story. That's good news for fans of the scruffy-looking nerf herder.

According to DICE, the titular Han Solo Season offers "challenges and seasonal quests inspired by Han Solo's closest friendships and against some of his greatest rivals." You'll see a new side of Lando, and you'll see Jabba's Palace. Thankfully, you won't get to see Jabba drool all over himself. We hope.

Here's a summary of what you can expect come May 16:

Hero Showdown
A 2v2 twist on the Heroes vs Villains game mode. You and your partner pick your Heroes and fight it out with another team. If you win, you go on to the next round-but you can't reuse any of the Heroes you've previously picked. If you lose, you can pick whomever you want.

Starfighter Custom Arcade
The Starfighter Custom Arcade lets you goof around with all the Starfighters in Battlefront 2. It's a good way for you to learn the skills necessary for performing your best in Starfighter Assault.

A palace fit for a slug.

Jabba's Palace
Jabba's Palace of Fun and Horror is coming to Heroes vs Villains, Blast, and Arcade. Watch out for sand. It's coarse, rough, and gets everywhere.

New Appearances
Han's pal Lando is receiving an Epic based around his appearance in Jabba's Palace. Battlefront 2 is also getting its first Legendary Appearance in the form of Boushh Leia. Keeping with Han Solo canon, Leia disguised herself as a Boushh bounty hunter to infiltrate Jabba's Palace and free Han in Episode VI.

The new update also includes some improvements to the game's front menu (you'll be able to reach your favorite game modes much more quickly), as well as its main menu. You can also look forward to new Milestones. Take a look at DICE's full Season 2 patch notes for what's coming, and what's being adjusted. You can also look at our hints, tips, and guides for Star Wars: Battlefront 2. They make for great reading while you're riding down to Tosche Station to pick up power converters (sorry).

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