Star Wars: Battlefront Game Mode Tips - Heroes vs Villains, Fighter Squadron

Star Wars: Battlefront Game Mode Tips - Heroes vs Villains, Fighter Squadron

Tips for each game mode in Battlefront.

If it's multiplayer action you want in Star Wars: Battlefront, it's multiplayer action you will get, as EA's latest addition to the franchise features a handful of modes to choose from. Some will have you stealing cargo, while others will ask you to protect certain objectives on a map, whether it's a wandering droid or a drop pod. Oh, and we can't forget about flying around in spaceships either – that's the best.

Here's a breakdown of each of the modes available in the game, as well as some general tips for each one, so you know what you're in for…

Heroes vs. Villains

The main goal: Battle with Villains while using Heroes characters (alongside back-up troops). Try to get the most kills each round to win. The side that takes the most rounds will win overall.

What to keep in mind: Sometimes Heroes and Villains aren't always balanced. For instance, a Jedi character like Luke or Darth Vader can keep up with Emperor Palpatine, but other characters like Han Solo or Princess Leia can't. In that case, you want to try to keep as evenly as possible with match-ups, like with Solo versus Boba Fett, or Jedi versus stronger characters.

Also, avoid two-on-ones, as that's likely to be certain death depending on the scenario, especially with a Support character like Palpatine or Leia. That's because they can drop support items that their fellow troopers can use to fight against you as well.

Finally, don't worry so much about Trooper characters as Heroes. They're mostly expendable, but not so much your Heroes. Having them draw out another player for a Villain to trap them is commonplace, so make sure to stick together as a group as often as you can, and watch your corners for Villains that can try to take you out. Don't hesitate if it's just a Trooper on your six, though.

Hero Hunt

The main goal: There are Heroes that are scattered throughout this multiplayer mode, and if you manage to get good enough to take one out, you'll become the Hero in the process. Whoever defeats the most enemies overall wins.

What to keep in mind: When it comes to hunting Heroes, players will usually come in packs, so you'll want to make sure that, if you're playing as said Hero, you still have ample back-up. Explosives can do damage to them the most, so watch out for proximity bombs or seeker rockets that can do harm. Also, watch your own back, because these hunters will do whatever it takes to single out the hero.

If you're hunting the hero, though, remember these explosive tactics, because regular blaster fire is likely to be less effective since it can bounce off most of them (like Jedi characters and Palpatine). Try to keep moving as well, as a Hero can easily lock onto you with attacks like the 360 saber swing and Vader's force choke.

Also, as the hero, don't be afraid to use a defensive maneuver to get out of harm's way if you're getting hit too much. Palpatine can dash away with a quick brush of the Force, and others can run at a pretty good speed as well. Don't be afraid to call upon back-up to help, either.


The main goal: Your job is to keep your own cargo secure in a location, while at the same time trying to steal as much of the enemy's as possible. Whoever ends up with the most cargo at the end of the match wins.

What to keep in mind: When it comes to defending cargo, you want to make sure you have dependable squadmates that know how to keep things secure, at least one distance gunner and a couple near the cargo itself. Communicate with your team and make sure to watch out for these foes from every angle you can.

Now, when it comes to stealing cargo, try to stick with the outside routes. Enemies will see you coming from the clear ones, so trying to go in from another way is likely to be a better shot at you getting what you need. In addition, make sure you have a handy on-the-fly weapon for run-and-gun action.

Finally, if you are carrying cargo, keep in mind that you won't be able to use jump jets, since the weight of it is keeping you grounded. That said, watch your route coming on the way back, and see if you can get someone to provide some cover fire along as well.

Droid Run

The main goal: Your job is to activate droids in order to begin claiming them, then keep them defended from the other team before they're able to nab them for themselves. The side that is able to get all three droids on a map wins the round.

What to keep in mind: When it comes to claiming droids, you probably shouldn't get too greedy about it. Keep an eye on ones you have in your control before rushing to try to take another. The enemy may be going for it, but if you die, at least you'll respawn closer to one of the other ones you have.

The Jump Pack is a recommended Star Card when it comes to mobility, as you'll be able to move around the map a lot faster, getting that much closer to a droid. You can also get a good, high view of the land as well, seeing any soldiers that may be coming for other droids or chasing after ones you're trying to get.

Finally, once you have control of a droid, keep good defenders on it, especially if it begins to wander. An enemy may try to get the jump on it and retake it back, so make sure you have your bases covered. Communication with your team is a huge plus.

Drop Zone

The main goal: Throughout the match, Drop Pods will quickly fling down onto the map of choice, and your job is to activate and keep control of them for as long a time as it takes for them to be claimed. The team that claims the most Drop Pods in the match wins.

What to keep in mind: Random locations for Drop Pods will be common here, so you don't want to be too absorbed in a firefight that you can't begin moving towards the next active one. If it looks like a Drop Pod is too late to be saved, just prepare for the next one, and make sure you have a teammate with you to back you up. Keep in good communication here.

Make sure you snag whatever loot it provides right away, as anyone will be able to snag it. This includes power-ups that can help you depend it, including shields that you can use to surround the pod and get a jump on enemies.

Also, using Shields is strongly recommended, especially when you're so close to claiming a pod. The Personal Shield isn't as effective as a Squad Shield, but still useful when you're trying to even the odds from an invading squad.


The main goal: It's a general "win the mode" kind of mode, in which you have to defeat the most enemies for your team.

What to keep in mind: Sticking with a partner is vital for a mode like this. You could try to go all loose cannon on the mode, but that's likely to be a death wish, so, yeah, stick with someone close. That way, you have an indication of enemy squads and where they're at, even if someone gets taken down in the process. From there, others can clue in on the destination and swoop in for a few kills.

The blaster is a good weapon overall, but your others could depend on location. For the Imperial Station on Endor or the Rebel Base on Hoth, the CA-87 and SE-14C short range weapons are dependable. However, for the Jawa Refuge or Sulphur Fields, the long range weapons (like the T-21) may be your best bet.

Don't forget to use good Star Cards for the job, like the Explosive Shot Charged Star Card, which can turn your primary weapon into a heavy explosive blaster. You might want to also arm the Jump Pack and Personal Shield as well, as your back-ups. Oh, and don't forget to find cover when you can! These guys will be shooting like mad.

Fighter Squadron

The main goal: It's all about aerial dominance in this mode, as you'll be shooting enemies out of the sky while taking down enemy transports and defending your own.

What to keep in mind: There are both bot and human soldiers in the game, and while they add up in points, taking down human players adds up much more quickly, by about a 3-to-1 ratio. Try to take down as many as you can between transport phases.

As for the ships themselves, focus as much fire as possible, as you'll get ten times the score as you would just taking down normal enemies. Try to gang up with your fellow pilots to take them down quickly, and watch for incoming fighters trying to defend it. TIE Fighters have a speed advantage here, but X-Wings can take a little more damage.

Finally, don't forget about tokens! There are three in all: Repair tokens take care of any damage you incurred on your flight; Refresh tokens automatically refill your power-ups and evasive maneuvers; and Hero tokens will give you control of either the Millennium Falcon or Slave-1 (Boba Fett), depending on your side. If you spot these, don't hesitate to pick them up!

Walker Assault

The main goal: For the Rebels, it's defending their base and trying to take down the AT-AT's as quickly as possible. For the Empire, it's all about moving AT-AT's into position enough to destroy the base.

What to keep in mind: Even if a Walker is showing vulnerable (with more Y-Wings appearing on the scene), that doesn't mean they'll take every blast that's delivered. The Empire can still hold off attacking Rebels, especially if they take their focus off the Uplinks long enough to hunt down main opposers, like those with Turrets or heavy firepower. Track these guys down before your AT-AT becomes too vulnerable for its own good.

Snowspeeders and Landspeeders have the capability of wrapping around an AT-AT's legs to bring it down. It takes several loops however, and this could be a disadvantage for the Rebels, mainly because this gives the Empire ample opportunity to move in and try to shoot it down. If you're on the Rebel side, try to get an early start as you possibly can, before the enemy has a chance to move in and defend it.

With Rebel troops, some can become expendable if they're too far from the main deployment area. In this case, just focus on those that can charge uplinks and attack Empire soldiers in groups that are closer to them. If the team does make it from the deployment area, however, they can take down any remaining Stormtroopers before the AT-AT's make it to their blasting point.

Finally, the AT-ST is a great weapon on the Empire's side, but also vulnerable. The Rebel players need to keep in mind that it's vulnerable from the back, instead of shooting at it head-on – where they're likely to be killed by gunfire.


The main goal: This multiplayer mode is all about taking control of points on the map. You'll want to defend your own control points while trying to overtake those of the enemy, because whoever ends up with them all wins the round.

What to keep in mind: You'll want weapons that can handle mid-to-long range combat, like the T-21. This allows you to get into combat scenarios better than you would just relying on close range ones. Also, make sure you have the Jump Pack Star Card on hand, so you can get around point to point rather quickly, as well as get from your respawn point right to a control area.

Make sure you have plenty of defenses on hand, like Infantry Turrets, which can help provide additional firepower against invading soldiers. You'll also want soldiers watching its shooter, though, since it can't cover all the areas in the control point.

Lastly, make sure you work with your team on this one, because you'll want to have the right amount of players both watching a current point and overtaking an enemy's point. Make sure you keep control of yours no matter what – otherwise, the enemy will take over, and could win the round.

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