Star Wars Battlefront Guide to Power-Ups

Star Wars Battlefront Guide to Power-Ups

Learn all about the game's weapons and power-ups, and how they can be used to crush the Rebellion and Empire.

Star Wars Battlefront offers myriad power-ups that can change the course of the game. Nothing alters the course of a fight like an Orbital Strike from above.

Here's a complete list of the power-ups you can find in Battlefront. Let them aid you in the fight against the Imperials or the Rebels.


Blaster Cannon: The Blaster Cannon allows you to set up a temporary turret on stable ground for extra firepower. It has good range and a strong rate of fire.

Card Refresh: You can use the Card Refresh to instantly refill your Star Card abilities. It's good if you need immediate access to a jump pack or a powerful weapon.

Infantry Turret: This works like the Blaster Cannon, but instead of being manually controlled, it fires automatically at enemies that blunder into its path. It's vulnerable and can be destroyed from behind, but it packs a wallop. Use it at choke points near mission objectives.

Orbital Strike: The mighty orbital strike lets you call in a bombing run on a specific portion of the map. Time to clean house!

Proximity Bomb: This powerful bomb can be set to detonate whenever someone gets within its range. Its only weakness is that it beeps when someone enters its zone, which gives them a chance to escape -- if they're fast and they don't lose their head.

Sensor Droid: This little guy has offensive capabilities, and also uses a temporary scan pulse to give you an idea of where some enemies are located. The Imperials get the Viper Probe Droid, while the Rebels use the Astromech Droid.

Smart Rocket: The Smart Rocket is handy for slippery enemies that are within range, but keep evading your normal weapons. Simply lock on, fire, and let the rocket do the rest.

Squad Shield: The Squad Shield erects a shield that lasts for about 30 seconds. It's an excellent way to keep an objective point safe, or to help your friends recover from an ambush.

Thermal Imploder: The Thermal Imploder is a more powerful version of the Thermal Detonator. The Imploder lets you create a large explosion over a wide range, which is an excellent way of clearing a group of enemies and / or a nearby vehicle.

Vehicle Turret: The Vehicle Turret is a souped-up version of the Infantry Turret. It also fires automatically on enemies, but it sprays missiles instead of lasers, making it a very effective way of disposing of vehicles. Use it in popular vehicle throughways.

Field Power-Ups

These are the power-ups you'll find in the Supremacy and Walker Assault modes of Star Wars Battlefront. They can turn the tide of battle.

Air Vehicle: Air Vehicles include the X-Wing, T-47 Airspeeder, and the A-Wing for the Rebels, and the TIE Fighter or TIE Interceptor for the Empire. Whichever side you're on, you command a lot of power when you're behind the controls.

AT-ST: The Imperials' walking tank is quite speedy and sprays powerful laser fire, but is vulnerable from behind.

AT-AT: The Imperials' behemoth can't have its movements controlled, but players that mount up can use its head canons to do major damage to ground forces (for use in Walker Assault only).

Hero: Hero characters do a lot more damage than average soldiers. They include Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Boba Fett, and Emperor Palpatine.


These power-ups activate as soon as you pick them up. They're not as strong as some of the power-ups on this list, but they're still very useful.

Charge: You gain a +1 Charge on your character. This power-up appears often in the Battle and Survival modes.

Hero Vehicle: Available in Fighter Squadron. It lets you take control of the Millennium Falcon (Rebels) or the Slave-1 (Imperials). Both have superior firepower and shielding compared to generic ships.

Extra Life: Provides you with an extra life. It kicks in as soon as you die. Find it in Survival Mode.

Vehicle Repair: Pops up in the Fighter Squadron and Beggar's Canyon training missions. It repairs any damage done to your vehicle.

Ability Refresh: Can be found in Fighter Squadron mode. It lets you use your abilities immediately, whether they're evasive maneuvers or special weapons.

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