Star Wars Battlefront II Shows Off Jedi Duels, and Story in New E3 Trailer

Star Wars Battlefront II Shows Off Jedi Duels, and Story in New E3 Trailer

Rey vs. Kylo Ren in the new Star Wars Battlefront II trailer.

Isn't it nice we live in a world where Star Wars has endured as a beloved cultural icon for literal decades? We've watched the franchise evolve on various media across the years, up to and including Star Wars: Battlefront, EA's multiplayer shooting game.

Battlefront was a huge hit, so there was no surprise when EA dedicated 30 minutes of its E3 2017 press event to Star Wars: Battlefront II. Here's what we learned.

Battlefront II is very eager to fix some of the flaws from the 2015 reboot. Offline campaigns make a welcome return, fixing one of the biggest complaints from the last game. Another change is the addition of Last Jedi content, something the last Battlefront game missed out on when there was a clear lack of The Force Awakens content despite coming out in the same year as the highly-anticipated Star Wars film.

The newest trailer for Battlefront II is heavy on the multiplayer action, showcasing fight scenes between Darth Maul and a clone battalion, or a duel between Rey and Kylo Ren. There's also more footage of Commander Iden Versio whose Inferno Squadron star in Battlefront II's story campaign as members of the Empire's elite Storm Trooper squadron.

Star Wars Battlefront II hits consoles and PC on November 17, 2017, exactly two years after the release of the first EA Battlefront game.

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