Star Wars: Battlefront Survival Mode Tips

Star Wars: Battlefront Survival Mode Tips

Use Star Cards and Drop Pods effectively to defeat waves of the Empire's forces.

Star Wars: Battlefront is best known for its multiplayer content, but you shouldn't neglect its Survival missions. In Survival, you (and, optionally, a friend) battle against waves of enemies that grow progressively tougher. It's a good way to hone your skills for the multiplayer portion of the game.

Here are some Star Wars: Battlefront Survival Tips that will help you conquer each planet in record time.


Both Star Card hands have a Jump Pack. This equipment is vital for making your way around Tattooine, which is full of steep cliffs that are handy retreat points if you find yourself ambushed. For your loadout, consider at least one Ion Torpedo, which packs a punch against AT-STs. The Ion Shot is also a good option, as it's useful against groups of enemies.

A good stake-out spot before each wave is the small cave near the parked Imperial Shuttle. Plan an escape route for when you feel overwhelmed. Also, keep an eye out for the camp at the end of the mission start area. Use it to get your bearings. If you need to escape, run through the canyon. Get rid of any Stormtroopers that try and stop you.

Also, look out for cover. Soldiers with long-range attacks, like Scout Troopers, can target you if you're not careful. If you're in their firing range, move quickly and retaliate.


There are two pre-sets of Star Cards to pick from. What you pick depends on how you play. The Cycler Rifle and the Ion Shot is good for taking down enemies from a distance. Otherwise, stay with the Ion Torpedo and Focus Fire, as they're also effective at taking down foes quickly.

Most enemies appear on vehicle bridges. Pick them off using long-distance attacks if you can, but short-range is fine depending on your cover spots. You never quite know where the other soldiers will spawn from, however, so stay alert.

Don't fall in the lava. Move around it, or your shields will be eaten away quickly and you'll burn to a crisp. If you fall in, you can boost your way out using your Jump Pack.

There are turbolasers in the Imperial Hangar. These cut through Stormtroopers, AT-STs, and TIE Fighters. Avoid attacks from above, and use an Ion Torpedo if enemy gunfire sends you scattering away from the turrets.


The Star Card loadouts here vary depending on your style of play. The Ion Torpedo is good for locking onto bigger foes, while the Personal Shield can keep you safe for a little while. You probably don't need to bother with the Jump Pack, but the option isn't bad for dodging gunfire.

There's a narrow strip next to a demolished AT-AT that serves as a good stronghold for watching incoming foes. However, you might find yourself overwhelmed later on. Make sure you save room for an escape, if necessary.

If you need to make a run for it, work your way up to the forest canopy for a good vantage point. Use your Ion Grenades to rain death on Stormtroopers from above. Hollowed-out logs are also a good place to hide.


Your Star Cards offer plenty of variety here, regardless of your play style. It should be noted that the Rogue loadout comes with a Cooling Cell, making it useful for heavier blaster fire. The second loadout is good for destroying vehicles.

Look for the raised walkway at the rear of the hangar. This should prepare you against enemies coming at you. When an AT-ST appears, escape down the narrow corridors of the Rebel Base.

While going through the tunnels, equip a quick-fire weapon to dispose of enemies in front and behind. Long-range weapons are good for the open areas of the base, as long as you watch your back.

Some of the Drop Pods fall in the central hangar. They drop in-between each group of three stages, starting after wave two, then five, eight, 11, and 14. Stay close so you can grab the items quickly and prepare yourself for the next wave.

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