Star Wars: Battlefront Tips - Power Ups, X-Wing, TIE Fighter, AT-AT, AT-ST

Star Wars: Battlefront Tips - Power Ups, X-Wing, TIE Fighter, AT-AT, AT-ST

Learn the basics of combat in Battlefront.

Star Wars: Battlefront is available now, and fans of the franchise can get their fill of multiplayer action across a number of modes, as well as missions that they can take on solo or with friends.

To help get you started, we've got a few tips that will break down some of the necessary components, as well as where to put your best foot forward…

Believe In the Missions

While the missions are a bit more limited compared to the more vast multiplayer modes, they're a great place to get started if you're new to the game. Here, you'll be able to run around a series of maps, taking on enemy soldiers either on your own or with others, and learning the basics of combat.

If you prefer, you can play these missions on your own and get a hang of the tactics that the game has to offer, although your AI squadmates will leave a little something to be desired in terms of experience. No matter – it's a great way to introduce you to blasting enemies while, at the same time, getting used to the way your weapons handle.

After you go through a couple of rounds, feel free to hop in multiplayer, but be prepared, as you'll likely die a few times as you get used to competing against real people. That's the breaks for any given multiplayer game, though. Just keep at it and you'll eventually level up, earning new Star Cards that add extra abilities, as well as new weapons that can change the tide in battle. With experience comes rewards.

Knowing the Basics of Combat

When it comes to using your guns, you'll want to make sure you don't overdo on the firing. You'll be able to get off plenty of shots towards enemies, but you'll want to keep an eye on the heat gauge located right below the reticule. Once this fills up, you'll need to wait for the weapon to recharge. You can speed up the cooldown with the gauge that appears, hitting the right button when it's in the yellow for an instant recharge. Otherwise, find a shady spot until you can get to firing again.

The same goes for the use of Star Cards, including the Thermal Detonator and other abilities. These, too, will fill up over time after their usage, and while you can level up to try and speed this along (or pick up better tools for the job, scattered across each map), you'll need to pace yourself as you start out. Just stick with it, and, again, with each time you level up, you'll be able to increase your capabilities and Star Cards, eventually becoming more experienced in combat.

When it comes to combat, it's best to keep moving. Enemies will easily take you out if you remain stationary, so you're better off finding a good vantage point to shoot at them. If you're a sniper-type class, this will come easy, as you'll have a good long-range weapon that enables you to support your group. Otherwise, keep up with your squad and stay on the move – you'll likely stand a less chance of being hit. Your jump jet system will allow you to get great distance as well, once it's unlocked.

Finally, don't forget to shield yourself properly. On occasion, you'll be able to activate a Squad Shield that you can use around specific checkpoints, as well as Personal Shield-ing that can keep you safe from a few hits – but not all. It's best to activate these in open spaces when you don't have much cover (like the trees on Endor), or when you're absolutely trying to defend a certain spot on the map. Otherwise, save them and keep on the attack until you absolutely need it.

Power-Ups Galore

Over the course of each map, you'll find a number of power-ups you can use, in the form of pick-ups. These light-up icons can be enabled by hitting the two shoulder buttons together. Be warned, though – it's usually a one-time use, and you'll want to save it for when it absolutely counts.

Some of these weapons are pretty basic, like an Orbital Strike you can call in from above, a Sensor Droid that helps shoot down enemies, a Vehicle Turret and even a Proximity Bomb that lets loose with a gigantic bang. You'll see what you have on hand by running over the icon. Get to know these power-ups and the right time to use them, and, eventually, you'll begin converting points for your squad in no time.

There are also additional power-ups that can be activated to help turn the tide even further. Vehicles, for instance, allow you to control an X-Wing or TIE Fighter from the air, shooting at enemies from afar (and aerial vehicles as well). You'll be able to use defensive measures with these, too, like evasive maneuvers to try and get around the other side. Just make sure you watch the gauge on these, too – you don't want to wear your ship down. Also, watch out for repair icons if you feel like staying in the air a little longer.

Heroes also play a part in the game, as you can temporarily play as such stars as Han Solo, Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and others, for a total of six. They stay in the battlefield as long as you keep them alive, and provide additional firepower and abilities all their own. Make sure you use them well, and help out squadmates when you can.

Ground vehicles, like the AT-AT and AT-ST, as well as ground turrets also play a tremendous part in each firefight. With AT-AT's, however, you have very limited movement, using only your head to aim and fire. The power behind these weapons is totally worth it, however, as you can easily clear away a field of foes with just a few shots. The AT-ST is useful as well, but much less durable, as a few well-timed firings from cannons can bring it down.

As far as turrets go, they provide great additional firepower when you need it, especially when assaulting AT-AT's when they're vulnerable. However, they also pinpoint your EXACT location to enemies, so don't be surprised if they start coming over to gun for you, or direct the AT-AT to destroy you in one shot. Once you know the jig is up, you may want to make a run for it so you can keep fighting.

That's about it for basic tips. The best thing you can do is keep engaging in multiplayer – even on the losing side, no one likes a quitter – and continue increasing your level until you unlock new abilities. Remember, do or do not – there is no try!

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