Star Wars Battlefront Vehicle Guide - AT-AT, X-Wing, TIE Fighter

Star Wars Battlefront Vehicle Guide - AT-AT, X-Wing, TIE Fighter

Here's everything you need to know about mastering Star Wars' coolest (and most lethal) vehicles.

Vehicles like the TIE Fighter, AT-AT, and X-Wing are as iconic to the Star Wars universe as Jedi and lightsabers. Star Wars: Battlefront lets you play around with an impressive selection of these classic machines, and we tell you how to master each one.


You'll find the Empire's behemoth in Walker Assault. The only way to take temporary control of it is to pick up the activator token, which you can find scattered on the battlefield.

You're not able to control the AT-AT directly, however, as it automatically lumbers towards the Rebel Base. However, you can aim its head and use three main weapons: A small laser canon for ground targets and vehicles, a big laser canon for powerful targets like turrets, and an orbital strike that calls in a bombing run.

You only get a limited amount of time in the AT-AT, so focus on controlling laser fire. The small laser is good for soldiers, but the big one is ideal for doing large amounts of damage in a short time. Make sure to time your shots with the bigger weapons, since you can only use them a few times.


This fellow is smaller than his AT-AT cousin, but he still packs a punch. You can take direct control of the vehicle and move around sections of the map. Enemy soldiers can be dealt with using your concussion grenade launcher or the homing missiles, which are particularly good at zooming in on specific targets.

The AT-ST is hardy and can absorb a lot of punishment, but it's vulnerable from the rear. Enemy soldiers can easily sneak up on you and cause a lot of damage, so stay close to your squad so they can watch your back.

Also, keep an eye out for anti-vehicle turrets and attacks from orbital strikes. If your AT-ST is destroyed, you'll have to hoof it again.

Speeder Bike

You can usually find the Speeder Bike on Endor. True to its name, it's a fast piece of machinery, and when you're mounted on it, you become a pretty hard target.

Keep a couple of things in mind, though: Its speed can make it hard to manage, so it's not hard to wrap it around a tree. It also lacks much in the way of offensive power: All you get is a laser canon mounted on its front. Drive carefully and time your shots.

T-47 Airspeeder / Snowspeeder

You'll mainly find the Snowspeeder in the Walker Assault and Supremacy modes. It's equipped with powerful laser canons, plus it can jam sensors for about ten seconds, making it hard for enemies to track you.

Then there's the vehicle's trademark: Its Tow Cable, which can wrap around an AT-AT. It takes multiple laps to trip up an AT-AT, plus you're vulnerable to enemies when you're doing your thing. Make sure ground troops are keeping an eye on you. Better still, work with a pack of Snowspeeders and keep each other safe from enemy fire.


The A-Wing is one of the most dependable vehicles in Fighter Squadron, Walker Assault, or Supremacy. It can dish out a lot of damage,. plus it can generate a temporary shield to protect itself from enemy attacks.

Lock onto enemies with the A-Wing by holding down the left trigger. Fire blasters and concussion missiles once you've locked on. Both do a lot of damage, but watch your back and make sure enemies don't lock onto you while you're plotting their destruction.

The key to doing well with the A-Wing is making evasive maneuvers. Get out of trouble by barrel-rolling, or by executing 180-degree turns. Performing these actions can even help you conduct a surprise attack on your foes.


The X-Wing is similar to the A-Wing. It has a shield and lock-on proton torpedoes, but it also has superior firing range compared to the A-Wing. It also has better maneuverability with tight turns.

Lock-on fire and evasive techniques are likewise the way to go when piloting the X-Wing: Take down enemies, but keep moving to best protect yourself.

With both the A-Wing and the X-Wing, you can shift your power from the engines to the weapons and back again depending on whether your situation calls for speed or firepower.

TIE Fighter

The imposing TIE Fighter can lock onto enemies with its lasers and Ion Cannon. You can also use a speed boost to rush into (or away from) battle.

Like the rebel vehicles, TIE Fighters let you distribute energy between its weapons and its engines. Shift between the two as necessary.

TIE Fighters have excellent maneuverability and firepower, but they can't absorb as much damage as the X-Wings. Fly carefully!

TIE Interceptor

The TIE Interceptor is a more advanced version of the TIE Fighter. It has the same handling and weapons as the Fighter, and it's just as vulnerable. Use evasive maneuvers and fire back at enemies tailing you.

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