Star Wars Episode 1: Racer Speeds Back Onto Modern Consoles Next Month

Star Wars Episode 1: Racer Speeds Back Onto Modern Consoles Next Month

Now this is podracing.

The Nintendo 64 racing classic is coming back. Not Mario Kart though, or even Diddy Kong Racing, but Star Wars Episode 1: Racer, which arrives on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on May 12.

Developer Aspyr has been working on porting the original podracing game to modern consoles, reviving all the twists, turns, and oddball space-racers. This is a re-release, not a remaster or remake, so the aesthetic is just about the same as it was on N64. It's the original podracing in all its chunky polygonal glory.

In an interview on the Star Wars site, Producer James Vicari discussed why this game, alongside other recent Star Wars ports mean so much to the team developing them.

"Honestly, because good games should never be forgotten and great games deserve to be revisited as much as possible," said Vicari. "I think Racer, like Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast before it, has two crucial qualities: it's a great game and it has emotional resonance."

One key update is to the controls—Racer launched on the Nintendo 64, which had a unique controller. Aspyr has mapped it so individual Joy-Cons or any other variation of controller configurations work with Star Wars Episode 1: Racer on the Switch.

Between all the nostalgia for old Star Wars, alongside the success of recent efforts like Jedi: Fallen Order, the spacefaring series seems to be doing well for itself in the realm of video games. Whatever might be next for Star Wars, at least I can start speeding around Tatooine, dodging Tusken Raider snipers and annihilating that jerk Sebulba. Now that's podracing.

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