Star Wars Fallen Order: Where to Find All Eight Lightsaber Colors

Star Wars Fallen Order: Where to Find All Eight Lightsaber Colors

There are eight Lightsaber Colors to collect in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. Here’s how to unlock them.

Your Lightsaber can be heavily customized in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. Everything from emitter to lightsaber color can be changed, though you'll need to find parts hidden around each world in order to unlock the majority of options. The lightsaber colors work slightly differently, as you’ll only have two choicesto start with. Here’s how to unlock all eight lightsaber colors.

Lightsaber Colors List

There are actually 8 different lightsaber color options to play around with in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. Seven of them can be unlocked in-game, but one can only be acquired as a pre-order bonus for now. Here are the options:

  1. Blue
  2. Green
  3. Purple
  4. Yellow
  5. Cyan
  6. Magenta
  7. Indigo
  8. Orange (Premium Content)

How to Unlock More Lightsaber Colors

At the start of the game, you’ll be able to swap between Blue and Green lightsaber colors. The other colors (except the orange, which we'll cover in a moment) are unlocked during the Ilum section of the game. It’s around three-quarters of the way through the main plot, where you head to the old Jedi Temple to collect your very own Kyber crystal. Once you’ve found one, you’ll be asked to move it in the light to select a color. Don’t worry too much about this, as once you pick one you’ll unlock the other options to switch between when you’re at lightsaber workshops.

The much-coveted orange lightsaber | Joel Franey/USG, Respawn Entertainment

So How Do You Unlock the Orange Lightsaber?

We’ve covered how to unlock seven of the eight lightsaber colors. To get the orange one, you’ll need to have pre-ordered the game. Currently this is the only way for you to get it, though hopefully Respawn will add another option in the future.

How to Change the Color of Your Lightsaber

Once you’ve unlocked more lightsaber colors, you can head to any lightsaber workshop to switch the color of your lightsaber. There’s one aboard your ship, which will usually be the most convenient place to customize your blade.

So there you have it, every lightsaber color in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. For more on the game, be sure to check out our guide on raising the Spire of Miktrull. Elsewhere, there’s also our Fallen Order Review.

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