Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order: How to Raise the Spire of Miktrull

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order: How to Raise the Spire of Miktrull

There’s a particularly tricky puzzle on Zeffo in the Tomb of Miktrull. Here’s how to raise the Spire of Miktrull.

Around 10 hours into the story of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, you’ll head back to Zeffo to take on the Tomb of Miktrull. It’s the area in which you’ll acquire the force pull ability, and it culminates in a pretty tricky puzzle in which you’ll need to raise a spire to make it to the end of the level. In this guide, we’ve included all of the info you’ll need to raise the Spire of Miktrull by burning all of the vines on the chains. Read on for more info.

How to Raise the Spire of Miktrull

After you’ve navigated the magnetic puzzles of the Tomb of Miktrull, you’ll find yourself back in the chamber with the glass case. There’s a ball inside, which you’ll need in order to trigger the switch below. This will raise the spire, taking you out of the tomb. Here’s how to do it:

  1. First off, take a look at the room in front of you. You’ll need to burn the vines on the chain to break the glass.
  2. Up top there are flame spheres, which will burn vines when thrown at them. The problem you’ll run into is the water falling from the ceili which will extinguish the flames and break the spheres.
  3. There’s a switch in the center of the lower area. Press it to turn on the magnetic force in the room. Now, head up to the flame spheres again, and use Force Pull to grab one. Force push the sphere up into the magnetic field, this will hold it in place.
  4. Jump down, and grab the flame sphere from where the magnetic energy is holding it in place. Turn around and throw it at the chain to burn the vines. This will shatter the glass.
  5. The ball will now be released from its glassy prison. Push it into place on the switch below, and the spire will raise.

Water Will Extinguish the Flames in This Room

The main issue you will run into with this puzzle is that you cannot throw a flame sphere from up top to the chain directly. There is a stream of water blocking the chain, so you’ll need to use the method outlined above to move the flames around the falling water.

That’s how to raise the spire of Miktrull in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. For more on the game, be sure to read our review. Elsewhere, there’s our Fallen Order Cast Guide. It’ll show you all of the actors behind the major roles in the game.

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