Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Demo Showcases AT-AT Vehicle Sequence

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Demo Showcases AT-AT Vehicle Sequence

EA has revealed more of Respawn’s Star Wars game during a second demo.

Earlier today, EA streamed a first look at gameplay of Respawn's upcoming take on lightsaber-fueled action, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. We got a look at more gameplay in a theater presentation at EA Play, showcasing climbing, dialogue, and an on-rails vehicle section inside an AT-AT.

The hands-off demo, played by a dev from Respawn, opens with Cal and his droid partner BD-1 emerging from the waters of Kashyyyk, beneath two lumbering AT-ATs. As he wades his way towards the legs of one, he grips onto the moss hanging off its chassis and starts to climb.

Cal can clamber up the hanging foliage, swinging his body to leap across gaps in the vines. It's reminiscent of Shadow of the Colossus in the way Cal clings and clambers across the moving behemoth, though the way he leans towards gaps and reaches his hand out reminds me of more recent third-person action games like Uncharted.

After climbing inside, Cal dispenses of a few troopers in a quick arena combat section. While the stormtroopers have the numbers, Cal's got a lightsaber and The Force, both of which he can wield to brutal effect. Every action carried weight; a missed swing could end in a shock stick to the face, and blaster fire is a constant threat. Force powers allowed the player to toss stormtroopers around the room though, and Cal made quick work of them.

Sneaking into the cockpit, Cal has BD-1 distract the drivers in a scripted segment, and after a very Han Solo-style comms with the other AT-AT, Cal gets the guns online and takes the other AT-AT down. Here, we see Forest Whitaker's Saw, from Rogue One, zip onto the windshield. He agrees to work with Cal in exchange for some fire support, and Cal helps the guerilla fighters bust through the remaining Imperial resistance.

Cal demolishes the bunker but loses the AT-AT in the process when a ship crashes into it, forcing the player into a cutscene and a brief moment of respite. After conferring with Saw and Cal's companions, who arrive in a transport craft after the dust settles, the player regains control and has the chance to explore the surroundings. In our theater presentation, Cal talked with his companions for a moment, discussing the current predicament. One of Cal's friends says not to trust Saw, which opened up a dialogue response wheel similar to Titanfall 2, where they could respond in different manners.

As Cal took off for the frontlines to meet with Saw, they sidetracked into an area to pick up an upgrade for BD-1. The ability, which allowed BD-1 to overcharge local electronics, was only earned after a brutal fight with a space spider (ick), but it opened up a new path for Cal to traverse on his way to Saw. It seems like area traversal will gradually open up with new upgrades or powers.

We'll have more info later today as EA Play rolls on. Be sure to check out the 15 minutes shown on the livestream if you haven't, and stay tuned to our E3 2019 guide so you don't miss any other streams.

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