Star Wars: Rivals Pulled From App Stores Before Official Release

I hardly knew ye.

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Star Wars announced that it is shuttering the Disney developed mobile game, Star Wars: Rivals, before it even officially released. No reason was given for the sudden cancellation, though early previews heavily criticized the microtransactions featured in Rivals.

In a new blog post on the official Star Wars website it was announced that Star Wars: Rivals will shut down on October 11, 2018. The thing is, Rivals isn't technically out yet having had a soft launch in other regions before becoming available for pre-registration in North America.

Star Wars: Rivals

According to early previews from Android Police, Star Wars: Rivals was a pretty mediocre shooter with monetization that could reach up to $99 for an item.

Rivals is already unavailable on the Google Play Store, and Star Wars made it clear that there will be no refunds for players who already downloaded and purchased items through the service. Another example of what happens when service games suddenly disappear.

Given that the Star Wars brand already encountered issues with microtransactions and monetization, this might have been the right call for Rivals if its own monetization was as bad as it sounds. However, unlike another popular Star Wars mobile game, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, EA doesn't appear to be involved with Rivals.

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