"Star Wars Uncharted" Not in the Cards for Hennig's Star Wars Game

"Star Wars Uncharted" Not in the Cards for Hennig's Star Wars Game

Hennig wants potential fans to know that she's not repeating her earlier work at Naughty Dog.

When it was announced that Naughty Dog's Amy Hennig, who was the creative director on the first three Uncharted titles, was moving to EA to work on a Star Wars game, everyone expected that we were going to get a Star Wars game with some Uncharted DNA. In an interview with Glixel, Hennig says the game will be more than just "Star Wars Uncharted".

Hennig admits that the game will be a third-person action title, but sees it as more of an ensemble adventure. She recalls when Visceral Games general manager Steve Papoutsis pitched the game to her as a "scrappy" third-person action-adventure game. At the time, she was worried it would be a bad licensed cash-in game and as a long-time Star Wars fan, Hennig couldn't allow that to happen.

"Imagine how heartbreaking it would be to work on something I love so much only to be crushed under the combined wheels of EA, Lucasfilm and Disney," she tells Glixel.

The focus on an ensemble, rather than a single hero, is something that Hennig previously mentioned in a September interview with Gamespot.

"So I thought that some of the rules I had used making Uncharted no longer applied," she said at the time. "In Uncharted or in Indiana Jones you actually kinda stick with Indie the whole time. There are times you cut away, but it's always something that informs you on what he is doing, like Marion in the tent. In Star Wars you're always cutting away to the bad guys, and seeing what they're doing: 'Meanwhile, back at the villain ranch...'"

The game is being put together like Uncharted though, with full ensemble performance capture. The voice actors for the characters act out every scene in full motion capture gear together.

"There's no such thing as ensemble recording in games, really," says Hennig. "And that's dumb, when you think about it, because acting is really reacting, and when you're recording one actor doing a scene, they need to be reacting to something."

Visceral Games' unititled Star Wars game is planned for a release in 2018.

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