Starbound Dev Teasing Game That Recalls Little Witch Academia

Starbound Dev Teasing Game That Recalls Little Witch Academia

What has Chucklefish so Spellbound?

Chucklefish Games, the developer behind Starbound and publisher of Stardew Valley, is currently working on a number of projects. There's Wargroove, the spiritual successor to the long-lost Advance Wars series, which is scheduled for release this year and is currently being shown off at PAX West. Then there's a new title, which looks to be an adventure or RPG starring witches.

Chucklefish CEO Finn Brice teased the new game on Twitter yesterday, showing a sprite-based town with some witches.

"To everyone asking, it's our other new project. Something that builds on what we learned from Stardew. No formal announcement for a while," Brice added in a follow-up tweet.

A still from Little Witch Academia.

Fans have noticed that some of the sprites in the game look like characters from Little Witch Academia, an animated series by Studio Trigger that's currently on Netflix. The show is essentially anime Harry Potter, with a young girl new to magic attending a school for witches. The colors are a bit different, but the trio on the left of the image look to be inspired by Little Witch Academia's main trio.

Chucklefish has teased this game before. Brice first showed off the game in October of last year, in an art style video. He also added a tweet that points to the project currently being called Spellbound.

That said, Brice noted in yesterday's tweet that this project doesn't have a formal announcement for some time now, meaning it won't be released anytime soon. Chucklefish still has to release Wargroove and get back to Wayward Tide, a planned title that went on hiatus a year ago. Wargroove has a 2018 release planned on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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