StarCraft is Getting a Kid-Friendly Graphics Pack Courtesy of Carbot Animations

StarCraft is Getting a Kid-Friendly Graphics Pack Courtesy of Carbot Animations

StarCraft is getting a new look courtesy of the YouTube animation team.

StarCraft: Remastered is getting a new graphics pack courtesy of Carbot. The animations team behind several official Blizzard cartoon parodies is making a kid-friendly graphics skin that will make the whole game look like a Carbot animation.

Carbot announced the graphics pack on its YouTube channel, detailing how the team was flown out to Seoul, South Korea before announcing the news. The graphics pack will completely change the look of StarCraft: Remastered, changing everything from character models, maps, menu, UI, and everything else in the style of Carbot's StarCrafts animation series.

The graphics pack will work in every part of the game as well, from ladder matches, Arcade, custom games, and campaign.

Carbot says that it's exciting to release a kid-friendly skin for StarCraft that would make the game more approachable. As a child, the cover art for StarCraft actually scared me so this is something I feel younger audiences will definitely appreciate.

StarCraft was originally released in 1998. In 2017, Blizzard released an official 4K remaster of the original StarCraft. Both the base game and its expansion, BroodWar, were remastered for the new release.

Carbot hasn't announced an official release date or pricing for the skin, but you can see it in action in Carbot's announcement video.

If you haven't had a chance to check out StarCraft or its remastered yet, this could be a good time to jump back in and experience it in a new art style.

There's currently no word on any additional entries into the StarCraft series after it was reported a StarCraft FPS was canceled. Blizzard is instead hard at work on Diablo 4 and an Overwatch sequel, instead.

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